Fairfield Chiropractic and Massage
337A Cook Street
Victoria, BC
V8V 3X5
(Entrance off Mckenzie St)
Phone: (250) 361-9311
Massage Therapy: 
  Monday                 9:00 - 7:00PM
   Tuesday               9:00 - 7:00PM      Saturday               9:00 - 6:00PM
   Sunday                 9:00 - 6:00PM                


Please note the office is open extra hours for scheduling appointments. Your health is important to us; If we are not in the office please leave us a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. 
      Chiropractic Treatment Hours:
                               Monday              3:00-6:00PM
                              Tuesday             8:30-12:00PM
                              Wednesday       2:00-6:00PM
                              Thursday            8:30-12:00PM
                              Friday                 10:00-1:00PM
                             Saturday             9:00-12:00PM